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Do you know when your car was registered?


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Limix Matrículas is an interesting program with which you will be able to know the registration date of any Spanish car since the year 1900.

Limix Matrículas uses the data base of the Dirección General de Tráfico (the National Department of Traffic), which updates regularly so we don´t miss out on any new registrations that take place.

Like this, we can get an approximate idea about how old a certain vehicle is, and we can even poke around a little to see which year the number plates we are familiar with correspond to.

Limix Matrículas has three kinds of number plates to consult: those corresponding to the interval between 1900 and 1971 (A - 123456), from 1971 to 2000 (A - 1234 - BC), and the present one, from the year 2000 onwards (1234 - ABC).
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